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... posted at 2:28 Eastern time on the Cubs website (and why would they use Eastern time for a team based in Central time?):

The Cubs are acquiring Juan Pierre from the Marlins in exchange for "a package" which includes Ricky Nolasco and Renyel Pinto.

Other reports have Sergio Mitre included as well.

That appears to be a lot to give up, but to me, this is for three pitchers who were not going to be part of the 2006 Cub major league roster.

So far, so good. One piece of the puzzle is in place -- CF and leadoff.


UPDATE [2005-12-7 10:23:58 by Al]:

Odd little note about this deal, which has not been formally announced: the New York Post says it's Pierre for Rich Hill.

This is the only place quoting such a deal. Hill's tradeable, but not in this sort of trade.

UPDATE [2005-12-7 15:31:08 by Al]:

John Mabry's been signed -- details here.

UPDATE [2005-12-7 17:47:15 by Al]:

Pierre has been added to the 40-man roster, though no uniform number is yet listed. He wore #9 throughout his Florida career, and as that number is available, I'd presume he'll get it. John Mabry will have to change his career-long uniform number -- 47 -- as it has already been claimed by Scott Eyre.