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While You Were Sleeping...

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... is the title of a Sandra Bullock movie.

But also, while you (and I, thankfully, on my day off) were sleeping, major league GM's were busy people!

Here's what happened overnight, if you missed it:

  • Alfonso Soriano is now a National; they acquired him from Texas for Terrmel Sledge and Brad Wilkerson.

    Analysis: the Rangers got a coup here. Their offense will be turbocharged by Wilkerson, who'll be on base tons of times to be driven in by Mark Teixeira. Sledge -- a great baseball name -- could hit quite well in Texas.

    Soriano's bat will die at RFK, and he'll look lost in left field, where he'll be playing unless the Nats trade Jose Vidro.

  • The Cardinals traded Ray King to the Rockies for Larry Bigbie and Aaron Miles.

    Analysis: Puzzling, since King was a key part of the Cardinals' success the last two years. Miles will become their 2B starter, as they didn't offer arbitration to Mark Grudzielanek. Grudz is rumored to be on his way to the Mets. About Bigbie: thank heavens he's a Cardinal and not a Cub.

  • Lyle Overbay was traded from the Brewers to the Blue Jays for Dave Bush and a couple of minor leaguers, including prospect Gabe Gross.

    Analysis: the Brewers are expecting Prince Fielder to be ready to take over 1B -- so, as the above article says:

    "He'd better be ready now," Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said with a smile. "He [Overbay] knew it was going to happen. He's seen Prince play. He knows what kind of player he is. Now he's going to get a chance to have a good career."

    The Blue Jays now have about a dozen first basemen, so expect Shea Hillenbrand and/or Eric Hinske to be dealt or non-tendered.

  • A bunch of people weren't offered arbitration, including Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza and J. T. Snow, to no one's big surprise. What is a bit of a surprise is that Jacque Jones was offered arbitration by the Twins. That doesn't mean they'll sign him, of course.
Here is a complete list of the 26 free agents who were offered arbitration, and the 121 who weren't. Any player who was offered arbitration has until Dec. 19 to accept and then can negotiate with his former team through Jan. 8.

Whew! Busy night. I'd still expect another Cub deal to possibly be announced today, but as Jim Hendry reminds us:

"We have made a lot more deals after the winter meetings since I have been GM than at the winter meetings," Hendry said. "We are still hopeful to be active in the pursuit of an outfielder. We'll keep grinding it out until we rectify that."

And finally, ding, dong! Jose F. Macias had been quietly DFA'd several days ago, when the Cubs added Bob Howry to the roster.

We'll need a new whipping boy, since Corey Patterson is likely also on his way out. Any ideas?