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Bleacher Reconstruction Update -- December 8

Yesterday, Howard called me, having driven by the ballpark, and he said there were "big things" going on, lots of new steel up, etc.

Naturally, I had to go and find out for myself. Thus, you now have nine new photos, taken this morning, Dec. 8, about 10:30 am. Note that the sun was shining. That was short-lived; we're expecting a couple more inches of snow tonight.

Top: view from across the street, corner of Waveland & Sheffield -- showing the curve of what will be the back walkway; a crane lifts a steel beam into place behind right-center; looking south down Sheffield at more steel beams being placed; the curve of the back ramp from Waveland

Middle: workmen behind center field; looking east down Waveland, workers cutting into concrete; a truck parked on Sheffield delivering steel beams; the view behind my old section in RF

Bottom: view looking north on Sheffield at CF

Photos by Al