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Dumb Idea Of The Week

I almost hate to write about this because it's so dumb.

But we are all starving for baseball news, right?


Remember the... [gulp] Bartman ball?

Yes, the infamous NLCS foul ball, the one that was blown up at Harry Caray's restaurant just about a year ago?

Well, Grant DePorter, head of the restaurant, has a new idea for the remains of the exploded sphere:

Harry Caray's plans to soak the ball's remnants in Budweiser and brew it up into a "curse-ending sauce" that will be served on spaghetti to willing Cub fans next week.

They're serious, I think. But would YOU want to eat a baseball?

The good news is that any proceeds from this silly event will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which, of course, is Ron Santo's cause.

Man, do we need a ballgame, or what?