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It's Getting Closer...

... and you can feel it when you can peruse the Cubs' complete radio/TV schedule for 2005.

Update [2005-2-16 9:44:56 by Al]: The link above, on the Cubs website, does NOT have local TV listings. However, your intrepid websurfing reporter has found them.

Click here for WGN-TV Cubs telecasts

Click here for Comcast Sports Net Cubs telecasts (this link also includes WGN, WCIU, Fox, ESPN listings)

According to this press release:

A minimum of 151 regular-season contests will be televised in the Chicago area on WGN (70 games), Comcast SportsNet Chicago (72 games - including nine on Comcast SportsNet Chicago Plus) and WCIU (eight games). In addition, six Cubs Spring Training affairs will be televised in Chicago (three on WGN, two on Comcast SportsNet Chicago and one on ESPN).

Eight Cubs contests are currently scheduled to be televised by the Fox Network, while one game is scheduled for ESPN.

I'm ready. Let the games begin!