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The 2nd Annual CBA Predictions Contest

Scott Lange, proprietor of The Northside Lounge, and a fellow traveler to the 2003 NLCS in Miami, is hosting the 2nd annual Cubs Blog Army predictions contest.

Why am I mentioning this? Because you, dear blog reader, can join in on the fun. There will be two categories this year, for CBA bloggers and for CBA readers, and Scott promises "cool Cubs prizes" for the winners.

Have fun with this. A number of CBA members did this last year, and well, I didn't do so well. Then again, neither did the Cubs. And Scott -- you ought to change the wording on this rather ungrammatical question:

26- Name a Cub that will be make the All-Star team.

Just teasing, you know. It's a new year and a clean slate. Enjoy!

Update [2005-2-20 7:32:24 by Al]: Speaking of the CBA, there are several new members in recent weeks... too numerous to list here. Check the sidebar or Cubs Blog Army Central Command for a complete list.