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Report From The Ticket Front, Part One

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the Yard today, to find the line for wristbands only going back about even with the intersection of Kenmore and Waveland. This is at least a block shorter than it was at a comparable time a year ago, and the Cubs seemed to move the line more efficiently, too. It took only about fifty minutes to obtain my neon-green wristband, and further, only an ID card was required, unlike 2004 when you also had to present a credit card (this may also be the reason the line moved faster).

The temperature is about 38 degrees (fine Opening Day weather!), and so it wasn't too uncomfortable waiting, either.

Afterwards, I got my first Jimmy John's sandwich of the year. I probably should have dropped a tomato piece on the ticket order form, but my fingers were too cold.

Phil reported to me about 2:45 CT that the line was even shorter than that. So, if you are in the Chicago area, this afternoon might be the best time to pick up your wristband, before the rush hour gets more people off work and into line.

More tales to come over the next couple of days.