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Report From The Ticket Front, Part Deux

Wristband lines were far shorter through most of the evening last night, and also through the morning and midday hours today.

UPDATE [2005-2-24 17:11:39 by Al]: The lines were a bit longer in the afternoon, but at no time were they longer than last year's. In talking to Phil and others today, we came up with another possible reason: it may be that the price increases have finally caught up with some people; if you were to buy the maximum 42 bleacher tickets, all for "premium" dates at $38, that's $1596. [whew!]

UPDATE [2005-2-24 17:29:02 by Al]: Additional update! As of 5 pm CT the line was back to the bleacher entrance at Waveland & Sheffield, approximately one hour long.

Another likely reason appears to be the collapse of the club last season, and the perception (with which I do not agree) that the Cubs have done nothing to address the problems that existed with last year's team.

That being the case, you can still go get a wristband till 11 pm CT tonight.

And if you do wind up with a good number... Mike says you better watch your back:

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