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A Blast From The Past

I am looking forward into the future, not back. I do not wish to talk about Cubs who are gone, only the ones who can help us win games this year.

This is not what our mainstream media writers are doing, though. They keep harping on the past, talking about some guy who's wearing an orange and black uniform in 2005.

So I wouldn't normally post links like this, where ESPN's Alan Schwarz writes:

Their first full-squad workout, the Cubs' first without their primary slugger/mascot since the Laddie Renfroe Era, might as well have been titled "Sammy Sosa: Unplugged (Literally)."

But you have to admire someone who mentions Laddie Renfroe, a right-hander who spent eight years in the Cub farm system before pitching four games for the 1991 Cubs, his entire major league career coming in a two-week period in July 1991.

I saw Renfroe's major league debut on July 3, 1991. He gave up a single and a homer to the first two batters he faced.

Man, do we need a ballgame or what?