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Time For Baseball (Really!)

With yesterday's annual drain on telephone and internet resources over -- and SBC Illinois says that 1.7 million calls to the Cubs ticket line were processed yesterday -- it's time to stop talking and start playing.

UPDATE [2005-2-26 5:46:14 by Al]: As of 5:45 am CT, there were six more games completely sold out (in addition to the list in yesterday's post):

May 7 vs. Phillies
June 13 vs. Marlins
July 2 vs. Nationals
July 3 vs. Nationals
Sept 24 vs. Astros
Sept 25 vs. Astros

Further, bleacher tickets are now sold out for 69 of the 81 games. The only games where you can find a bleacher ticket are:

Apr 11 vs. Padres
Apr 12 vs. Padres
Apr 13 vs. Padres
Apr 22 vs. Pirates
Apr 25 vs. Reds
Apr 26 vs. Reds
Apr 27 vs. Reds
Aug 9 vs. Reds
Aug 10 vs. Reds
Sept 12 vs. Reds
Sept 13 vs. Reds
Sept 14 vs. Reds (guess no one wants to see the Reds!)

So much for demand being lower this year. It's now only five days till the spring opener against the A's on Thursday, and yesterday Dusty Baker repeated what we already knew, that Kerry Wood would pitch on Opening Day in Phoenix.

Baker did make a bit of news yesterday by announcing the rest of the rotation:

Wood will be followed in the rotation by Mark Prior, Greg Maddux, Carlos Zambrano and whoever wins the job as the fifth starter. Lefty Glendon Rusch appears to be the leading candidate.

That means that Z will start the home opener against the Brewers on Friday, April 8.

Let the games begin! Hope you got at least some tickets.