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Baby Shower

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No, you haven't reached the wrong blog.

This afternoon, I attended the baby shower for Carole and Ernie, who will be welcoming twin girls to our little bleacher group this coming May.

When I first learned that Carole was pregnant with twin girls, I suggested the names Barbara and Jenna. For some reason this idea was met with derisive laughter.

They have chosen the names Alexandra and Elise, which are lovely names. Since Carole is blonde and Ernie has dark hair, and they told me the twins are fraternal, they're likely to get one blonde and one dark, just like the First Twins.

There, let us hope, the resemblance ends.

I hied myself over to Wrigleyville Sports near the ballpark and picked up matching pink Cubs baby outfits like the one in this picture -- sure enough, I wasn't the only one. These baby girls will also have lovely pinstripe Cub baby outfits, becoming, obviously, the best-dressed babies in the city.

Unusually for a baby shower, the attendance was eight men and three women, so much baseball talk ensued. March approaches, and there will be actual games to dissect beginning on Thursday afternoon, and not a moment too soon for most of the MSM (mainstream media, for those of you not acronym-savvy), because they've been down there for two weeks salivating for real news.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.