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This Time, He Didn't Sneak Out

Sammy Sosa, a la Eric Karros, took out a full-page ad in today's Chicago papers thanking Cub fans:

It's been an honor to play for the best fans in baseball. I was proud to be a Cub. My heartfelt thanks to the Cubs organization, my teammates and the fans of Chicago. Thank you for 13 wonderful years. Thank you Chicago - I love you. - Sammy Sosa #21.

Chuck over at Ivy Chat wonders:

... what the cost is for a full page ad? I'm going to guess around $85,000? Isn't that the same amount that Sammy owes the Cubs in fines for his day off last October?

Good point.

And didn't Sammy say yesterday that he was looking forward to playing for those great fans in Baltimore?

How disingenuous can you get?

Also, welcome Chris Troha, newest member of the CBA, with his Death, Taxes and Fifth Place blog.

That's a little bit too pessimistic a title for me, Chris, but welcome.