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Found In Translation

Received an e-mail today from Greg Harper, a reader who has a Korean friend who sends the following translations of the cartoons posted below:

hehe, dude where'd u get this? It's kinda year end review of Cubs for 2004 season. Basically it's saying that they have great talents (the numbers show), but somehow they're missing that "+a".

and the reason is...

#38 Carlos Zambrano (calling him super-size sniper! 20 Hit by pitch (no. 1) see that red 'laser beams'?

#18 Moises Alou (showing die-hard actions to get better price at FA market)

#31 Greg Maddux (Unbeknownst to most people, he had 16-11 for the season. And it's the difference between 'A' class and Super 'A' class.

#16 Aramis Ramirez (had 'Ramirez-like' performance for the season. though he doesn't look like Ramirez)

#34 Kerry Wood & #22 Mark Prior. (sharing the pain & injury for the season. and the coach's saying "Don't share that kinda stuff!!!")

#5 Nomar Garciaparra (acting as a show model for the team)

#21 Sammy Sosa (living his own world with his bat...wants to share his snack with the bat(?))

I think this is exactly right -- especially the comment that they're missing that "+a".

Let's hope they find that before Opening Day.