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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Angels, Sunday 3/13

It's Z day -- Carlos Zambrano faces the Angels, this time in Tempe, one of the nicer parks in the Cactus League (if you can find it -- I always get lost going there).

A few other notes:

The Cubs have sold nearly 180,000 tickets for their home Cactus League games, and could challenge the record of 189,692 for home attendance set last year at HoHoKam Park. Only bleacher and lawn seats are available for the following games: Tuesday vs. Oakland, March 22 vs. Milwaukee, March 24 vs. Oakland, March 30 vs. Colorado and March 31 vs. Arizona.


Also, the Cubs are going to install new netting beneath the upper deck to protect against possible falling concrete.

Mainly, I think what they are trying to protect themselves against are possible lawsuits. But maybe that's just me.

The Sun-Times also said today that the club will likely start the year with 12 pitchers. This is a huge mistake, especially with all the off-days you normally get in April. Why play short-handed off the bench when you don't have enough work for the last guy in the bullpen anyway?

But hey, maybe that's just me again.

Discuss amongst yourselves.