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Scaremongering Headline Of The Day

Look at the front page of (at least that's how it is now, 7:30 pm CT on Sunday)


Click on the link to the article and the headline becomes a little more benign:

"Wood preparing to throw on Monday", followed by the subhead "Cubs right-hander could throw from mound on Tuesday".

Within the article Dusty Baker is quoted as saying:

We've talked about a few possibilities. We've talked about rearranging things if he's not ready. I can't tell you at this point who. There's always a 'Plan B.' I just hope we don't go to 'C' or 'D.'

Seriously now, would you not want the Cubs to have a plan B? I'm glad they are at least thinking ahead.

Of course, no one wants Wood to be out. And based on the rest of the article, it's clear that they're just being cautious.

Wish I could say as much for the website headline writer. Shame on him/her.