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More Thoughts About Ron Santo

Here is the text of an e-mail I sent to the Hall of Fame tonight:

I was absolutely disgusted to learn that the Veterans Committee had failed to elect the eminently-qualified Ron Santo to the Hall this year.

Santo's qualifications are well-known and beyond reproach. He is clearly one of the top ten third basemen of all-time, if not in the top five. His cheerful approach to life under very difficult circumstances is an inspiration to us all.

The Committee seems to not understand its mandate, particularly Mike Schmidt, who has publicly gone on record as saying that he will not vote for anyone because he feels it cheapens his own membership.

This is not only selfish, it is wrong-headed.

You have several options, the best of which would be hold a public news conference, officially disband this committee forever, and induct Mr. Santo this summer. As a private organization, you certainly have the right to set your own rules and to do this.

I hope you will do this. Your Committee has been an embarrassment to the Hall and to baseball. I have heard from several friends who say they will not set foot in Cooperstown or in the Hall until Ron Santo is a member. I have decided this day that I will join that group.

Do the right thing. Induct Ron Santo.

You can join us. Click here to e-mail the Hall of Fame. I have been told that if you do so, you will receive a "timely" response.

Let's inundate them with e-mail. This is nothing short of an outrage.

There are two other notes tonight, one of them obvious: tomorrow, we can stop speculating on who is or isn't going to get playing time, because there is an actual game scheduled. The game vs. the A's (2:05 CT) is on WGN Radio if you are in the Chicago area. To get MLB Audio this spring training, if not in Chicago, you will have to pay the $14.95 subscription price.

And the final bleacher ticket for the 2005 season was sold late this afternoon -- the last un-sold-out game, the April 12 match with San Diego, now shows no bleachers available.

That took one day longer than last year.