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Breaking News... Again!

Kerry Wood will start Thursday's game at Mesa against the A's.

Cubs manager Dusty Baker said Wood could throw three innings on Thursday against Oakland.

"We'll see how many pitches he throws," Baker said. "It depends on if he has an easy three, and then maybe stretch him to four. We'll go by how he looks and how sharp he looks and what kind of performance he's having."

The above article also says that Mark Prior threw 30 pitches in the bullpen with no trouble and he is being penciled in as "fifth starter", and with off-days the Cubs would probably not need more than four starters till April 22.

For all you Chicken Lickens out there, the falling sky appears to be putting itself back into place.

And, tonight please welcome two new members of the SportsBLOGS family: Brew Crew Ball, about our NL Central neighbors to the north, and Halos Heaven, the site for the Los Angeles Angels of Somewhere Near There.

Finally, for some reason has given the Cubs the wrong record for the spring -- they say 9-12. They're wrong. The win today made the Cubs 10-11.