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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Tuesday 3/29

This is the game that Kerry Wood was supposed to pitch, only to be delayed till tomorrow so that the Brewers, who he'll face in the first home weekend, won't get to see him twice in 10 days' time.

There are at least four sets (April 15-16-17, then 22-23-24 vs. Pittsburgh; June 20-21-22-23, then 28-29-30 vs. Milwaukee; Sept. 5-6-7, then 14-15-16-17 vs. St. Louis and Sept. 23-24-25, then 29-30-Oct. 1 vs. Houston) of back-to-back series during the season when this could happen as well.

Meanwhile, Mark Prior might still be on target to pitch vs. the Padres on April 12.

Anyway, Brewers batters will be licking their chops today, as Sergio Mitre attempts to impress the scouts from other teams (at least we hope so!) again.

According to the Brewers website:

A slew of pitchers likely targeted for bullpen roles will team up for Tuesday's game against the Cubs at Maryvale Baseball Park. Jorge De La Rosa, Wes Obermueller, Tommy Phelps, Matt Wise, Justin Lehr, Mike Adams and Julio Santana are all on the list to pitch.

Finally this morning, meet the man who draws all the great cartoons here. Mike is on the left; then Rob from the 6-4-2 Dodger/Angel blog, my friend Jeff from the bleachers, and a capless me, taken on Sunday.

As usual, click on the photo to open it full-size in a new browser window. Photo courtesy of Rob McMillin.

Discuss amongst yourselves.