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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Diamondbacks, Thursday 3/31

Today's final game in Mesa (before the Cubs pack up and play two games vs. the Mariners in Las Vegas, then turn around and come back to Phoenix for Opening Day on Monday) features two pitchers who aren't going to make many waves this year.

John Koronka, to be one of the rotation starters for Iowa, for the Cubs, will face Mike Gosling, still a candidate for fifth starter for the Diamondbacks.

It should be Greg Maddux' turn, but as noted in yesterday's game post update, he'll pitch in a minor league game so he won't face the D'backs twice in five days.

This despite the fact that the D'backs team the Cubs are facing today is a split-squad; Arizona also faces the Red Sox in a charity exhibition tonight at the BOB.

Don't believe everything you hear on sports talk radio: despite Chuck's post yesterday at Ivy Chat, Mark Prior WILL pitch in a minor league game in Mesa on Saturday.

This is confirmed here, here, and here.

Guess that makes me a faith healer.

Discuss amongst yourselves.