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When I was a kid (this'll tell you how long ago this was, incidentally), Chicago used to have two afternoon papers.

And on days when I'd been out at school or camp or whatever, and didn't know what the Cubs had done, the afternoon paper was the only way to find out. My dad would bring the paper home on the train from work, and often, the old Chicago Daily News would do several reprints of the front page, updating the linescore, and I'd always be hoping that they'd get the final score in before the paper went to press.

That's kind of how I feel now -- in the Internet age, yet in an information vacuum. There was no radio or TV coverage of today's game at all, and during the spring the websites that normally do play-by-play, well, they don't.

So I had to wait till after the game was over to find out that the Cubs defeated the Giants 8-2 today at Mesa, in front of another sellout, 12,612.

Here's the sort of non-information information you get sometimes in spring training, where stats aren't kept as rigorously as they are during the regular season.

This linescore from Yahoo says the Cubs made four errors.

But this boxscore from only lists the two errors that the Giants made. (The Cubs website article confirms the four errors, but also doesn't say who committed them.)

It didn't matter, as neither of SF's runs was unearned. Neither one of those pages lists a running time for the game; both say "T -- 0:00".

It appears to have been a day of rest for most of the regulars; only Corey Patterson, Michael Barrett and Derrek Lee started among those who are likely to be in the Opening Day lineup. Jason Dubois got a start and went 1-for-2 with a run scored. That's just about the average he's going to have to put up this spring to stay in Dusty Baker's lineup, though. Otherwise, substitutes included people like Robinson Cancel, Matt Murton and Danny Klassen, all of whom will be familiar to you if you are in Des Moines this summer.

No one hit a two-run homer today -- but Neifi! hit a two-run single. There aren't any pitch counts in the box scores either, but Ryan Dempster must have thrown pretty well -- he pitched two hitless innings with three strikeouts, and even more importantly, no walks.

Hang in there. I'll be there a week from Thursday.