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Open Thread - Cubs vs. Giants, Sunday 3/6

Today, another lefty who has no chance of making the team, Jimmy Anderson, starts. This, we are told, is all a way of getting Mark Prior properly prepared and getting the rotation in line.

Let us fervently hope this is true.

The game is on WGN Radio.

Also today, Phil Rogers wrote in the Tribune:

Has anybody figured out why Kerry Wood, and not Carlos Zambrano, will be Cubs manager Dusty Baker's Opening Day starter?

Well, here, Phil, I have, so let me explain it to you: the assignment of Opening Day starter often goes to the pitcher perceived as the leader of the staff. That's Wood. Also, this gives Baker the opportunity to give Z the home opening start, as he did for Greg Maddux last year.

And after the first week of the season, what difference does it make?

Discuss amongst yourselves.