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Open Thread -- Split Squad Games, Tuesday 3/8

Today, the Cubs will play split-squad for the first time in 2005 (there's only one other such date, Saturday, March 19).

Half the team will take on Oakland in Mesa -- I'd assume this will be the "A" team, with Carlos Zambrano throwing.

The other half treks out to Surprise again, and Glendon Rusch starts.

Both games are on MLB Audio; neither of them will have Cub announcers.

Mark Prior won't pitch till Thursday. Discuss amongst yourselves whether you are worried about this.

I'm not.

Also, welcome another new member of the Cubs Blog Army, The Cub Cave. Proprietor Dan Berry tells me his greatest sports achievement is:

the conversion of my ex-Yankee loving girlfriend to a Cubs fan!
That IS quite an achievement!