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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mariners, Friday 4/1

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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- So let's see where we are, three days to Opening Day:

Our #3 starter spent most of the last two years on the DL.

Our closer pretty much put the Cubs out of the playoffs last year by blowing several leads in the last week of the season.

Our leadoff man has reached base other than by a hit ONCE (HBP) during spring training.

Neither of our LOOGY candidates were any good, so we had to go out and acquire someone, who promptly allowed a HR to the first batter he faced.

April Fool!

Oh -- wait. Those things actually DID happen.

Seriously, I'm still optimistic (you know, I usually am). I'll explain more on Sunday and Monday before the game.

In the meantime, Mr. Spent Much Of The Last Two Years On The DL (Ryan Dempster) faces Bobby Madritsch in Las Vegas tonight, 9:05 CT, and you can watch on WGN-TV.

Discuss amongst yourselves.