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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Padres, Wednesday 4/13

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Doubleheader today!

You know, that used to be terrific, when DH's were played in five hours or less. These days they're lucky to wind up in under seven hours.

But hey, two games for the price of one? And at a "value date" price of $15? Not bad, I say.

In game one, Kerry Wood will face yesterday's scheduled SD starter, Jake Peavy.

Then, Mark Prior will face Brian Lawrence in game two.

It all starts at noon CT.

A couple of other notes: Bleed Cubbie Blue and several of my fellow team bloggers at SportsBlogs are profiled today at Wired News. Check it out.

And, the SportsBlogs family welcomes Pinstripe Alley, blog for the Evil Empire.

Discuss amongst yourselves.