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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Pirates, Sunday 4/17

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Twenty-nine years ago today, it was windy and hot in Chicago, a record 88 degrees, and the Cubs took a 13-2 lead over the Phillies after four innings.

End of the story? At Wrigley Field? No way. Mike Schmidt hit four home runs (all of them after the fourth inning) and the Phillies came back to win 18-16 in ten innings. It's still the greatest comeback win in NL history.

We trust there won't be a repeat in Pittsburgh today. Today's Cub starter, Greg Maddux, had just turned ten years old a few days before that historic game.

The last time the Cubs saw today's Pirate starter, Mark Redman, he threw eight innings of four-hit ball at Wrigley Field last June 18 for the A's.

And, here's an interesting article about whether there are physiological barriers preventing human beings from throwing faster than 100 MPH.

That still doesn't explain Kyle Farnsworth, though.

Discuss amongst yourselves.