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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Reds, Monday 4/18

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I'm going to try something new today, and believe me, formatting this has been an absolute bear -- no pun intended. Here are today's starting pitchers, and I'm very wary of Belisle. The Cubs frequently do not do very well when they are facing one of these highly untouted rookies. Remember the Reds' Josh Hall and this game? If I get really brave I may try the template I have for tonight's starting lineups, a bit later. But don't count on it.

Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
M. Belisle
vs. Player Photo
K. Wood
1-1 Record 0-1
3.52 ERA 5.84
9 K 13
3 BB 7
1 HR 3

UPDATE [2005-4-18 17:31:42 by Al]: Here are tonight's starting lineups, posted without comment. No, check that. Here's my comment: Dusty Baker has either lost his mind, or has pulled this one out of an old Giants cap:

Starting Lineups
Cubs Reds
Hairston, 2b Jimenez, 2b
Perez, ss Griffey, cf
Patterson, cf Casey, 1b
Ramirez, 3b Randa, 3b
Burnitz, rf Dunn, lf
Lee, 1b Pena, rf
Hollandsworth, lf Aurilia, ss
Barrett, c LaRue, C
Wood, p Belisle, p