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The Red Sox Make The Right Call

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All of my season tickets carry the following disclaimer on the back:

This ticket is a revocable license and is subject to denial of admission upon refund of face value and subject to revocation and removal without compensation in management's discretion.

Today, the Red Sox exercised that discretion and revoked the season tickets of Christopher House, the Red Sox fan who reached out and interfered with Gary Sheffield last Thursday at Fenway Park.

Good for the Red Sox, I say. There are far too many idiots, drunks, etc. at ballparks these days who, because management hasn't gotten tough enough on them, feel they can do whatever they want, just because they paid to get in.

Doesn't work that way. House isn't banned from Fenway, but he'll have to find some other way in, and he might get his tickets back next year.

That's suitable punishment, in my opinion. Glad the Red Sox acted, and quickly.