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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Reds, Tuesday 4/19

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I keep saying "must-win" ... "must-win" ... "must-win"...

And some of you don't agree with me, but if the Cubs can't at least split a road series with a team like this, they are in serious trouble.

Mark Prior attempts to continue the good stuff we saw last time.

Brandon Claussen makes his season debut for the Reds. His only career start against the Cubs was last Sept. 27. You know, the game after the two devastating losses to the Mets, the one that made us think the ship had been righted.

Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
B. Claussen
vs. Player Photo
M. Prior
0-0 Record 1-0
---- ERA 0.00
0 K 6
0 BB 1
0 HR 0

Look! It worked!

Also, here's a heads' up. John Sickels, minor league expert and proprietor of Minor League Ball, has agreed to come over to BCB tomorrow at 1 pm CDT to answer any and all questions you may have about Cub minor leaguers. We'll open a thread then, and as many questions as he can type the answers to in an hour, he'll answer. Incidentally, John just spent the weekend in Des Moines watching the I-Cubs; check his site for some pics and comments on them, and also some photos, particularly of Renyel Pinto.

Discuss amongst yourselves.