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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mariners, Saturday 4/2

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Headline: Garciaparra Wins Game!

Good for the Cubs, you'd think, but you'd be wrong. Nomar's little brother Michael, a Seattle farmhand, drove in the winning run last night in Las Vegas for a 5-4 Mariners win over the Cubs in 10 innings.

Michael Garciaparra is an A-ball prospect, nine years younger than his famous older brother, and if you saw the game on TV last night you know there's a striking resemblance, even more so than many other ballplaying brothers.

I was supposed to get a phone report from Jeff on last night's game, but he hasn't called yet. Must be that Vegas nightlife! So, from the boxscore we learn that Ryan Dempster pitched OK, allowing two runs in 4 IP, walking none, and Michael Wuertz continued his terrific spring, striking out the side in his only inning of work.

Top lefty prospect Renyel Pinto faces Felix Hernandez today in Las Vegas, 3:05 PM CT, and you can watch on either WGN or ESPN2.

In other news, it appears that David Kelton is going to be placed on waivers, and if he clears them he'll be sent to Iowa. Kelton had a decent spring, hitting .313 with a homer and 6 RBI (and three more walks than Corey Patterson, who didn't walk once), but it's unclear whether any other club has enough roster space to claim him.

Discuss amongst yourselves.