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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Cardinals, Wednesday 4/20

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Now that the Cardinals have finished their important work in Rome, they have returned to St. Louis to something even more important, a series with the Cubs.

I mistakenly posted a time of 7:10 pm CDT on the sidebar yesterday; I had forgotten that when ESPN/ESPN2 make the call for an early Wednesday game, the time gets shifted to 6:10 pm CDT, an hour earlier. And the game is on ESPN2; ESPN is carrying NBA games tonight.

Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
J. Suppan
vs. Player Photo
C. Zambrano
1-1 Record 1-0
3.65 ERA 4.00
4 K 19
4 BB 8
2 HR 4

I'm almost afraid to see tonight's starting lineup.

Discuss amongst yourselves.