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You'll excuse me if I go into one of my usual why-can't-the-Cubs-give-some-consideration rants here.

It was cold and windy ALL afternoon. When I arrived at the Yard at noon it was not raining, but it started doing so about 12:45 and never really stopped after that; it did let up for a few minutes a couple of times and at one point I asked Jeff (because I couldn't see under the umbrella) if the sun were actually out, and it did peek out for a moment, decided it wasn't worth it, and went right back behind the clouds.

This game could have been called at 2:00, and that would have been considerate to the players, the employees, and the approximately 5,000 or so who showed up in horrid conditions today.

But, I suppose beer and hot dog and souvenir sales had to be made. Mike the souvenir vendor came out to the bleachers a couple of times bearing ponchos and $50 blankets -- said he even sold a few of them.

Just after the gates opened, security took a bunch of young men carrying McDonald's food down the stairs and ejected them. Couldn't figure out why, until one security guard told me these guys had been putting vodka in the McDonald's cups.

Then he told me they were going to let them stay, but it turned out they were all under 21...

The biggest ovation of the day was for Ronny Cedeno and Neifi!, who walked all the way across the field about 3:00 to hit in the batting cage underneath the RF bleachers, then back about 45 minutes later.

So, Howard, Jeff and I huddled under my umbrella till they finally called it just before 4:30.

As predicted here this morning, this game will be made up on what was originally an open date, Thursday, July 14 -- no time yet announced, but it says here that it will be an afternoon game, likely 1:20.

The Cubs website lists the same pitching matchup -- Maddux vs. Redman -- for tomorrow, so I hope Dusty Baker goes with the lineup he had posted for today, with Jason Dubois hitting fifth.

Now, for a bit of entertainment for your rainout pleasure. I have obtained the photo posted below, and received permission from the photographer, Will Byington, to post it here in exchange for this plug for Will's photography website -- which does indeed have some really cool baseball shots. Check it out.

Anyway, the photo was taken on the day after a home game, and there are enough clues on the scoreboard so that you should be able to determine which date those games were played.

To the first person who posts the correct date here, I will send a cool Cubs prize -- I haven't quite figured out what yet, but it'll be something nice from the Al Collection Of Cool Cub Stuff.

Enjoy and good luck! (Hint: You'll have better luck if you click on the image in your browser to enlarge it.)

UPDATE [2005-4-22 18:08:20 by Al]: We already have a winner! But take your guess, then look at the comments for the correct answer.

Also, I've added two new baseball blogs to the sidebar: David Pinto, formerly of ESPN, and his Baseball Musings, and also The Baseball Zealot. Both well worth a look.

(click on photo to view full-size in new browser window; if you are using IE, you may have to click the lower-right corner of the image to expand it to its full size; in Firefox click anywhere on the image)