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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Pirates, Sunday 4/24

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Today's Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
J. Fogg
vs. Player Photo
K. Wood
1-1 W-L 0-1
2.45 ERA 6.38
14 SO 19
6 BB 9
4 HR 5

Fogg is 4-5 lifetime against the Cubs with a 6.08 ERA. And that's not small sample size -- that's 71 IP in 14 starts.

Wood is 3-5 lifetime against the Pirates with a 4.56 ERA, 13 starts, 81 lifetime IP (slightly better at Wrigley Field: 2-2 with a 2.67 ERA). Kerry doesn't look very happy in that little picture either, does he?

So you'd probably be expecting a hitters' day.

Not much that's happened this season makes a whole lot of sense (the White Sox 14-4? the Dodgers start 12-2, then lose two straight to the Rockies? Brian Roberts tied for the major league lead in homers with 7?).

So I'll go out on a limb and predict a 1-0 game. The wind's supposed to be blowing in again today, though it may be a bit sunnier and less cold than it was yesterday (50 degrees instead of 40).

And here's another hunch. I'd start Ben Grieve today, either in RF or LF. Grieve lifetime vs. Pirates: 11-for-34 (.324), 6 BB, 5 RBI. Discuss amongst yourselves.