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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Reds, Monday 4/25

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It's the first home night game tonight, and naturally, given the nature of Chicago weather, it is at this moment twenty-five degrees warmer than it was at game time yesterday -- 66 degrees outside my window, and supposed to be in the high 50's at game time tonight.

Not bad for late April, actually. The nearly unhittable (so far) Mr. Prior faces Kyle Farnsworth's best friend. Note carefully the number of home runs already allowed by Mr. Wilson:

Today's Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
P. Wilson
vs. Player Photo
M. Prior
1-1 W-L 2-0
5.63 ERA 0.00
18 SO 12
5 BB 3
6 HR 0

Many of you have left comments on Neifi! and his amazing performances so far this year. As long as Pod Neifi doesn't leave us, we'll be all right at shortstop till Nomar comes back.

Discuss amongst yourselves.