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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Reds, Tuesday 4/26

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Thanks to all of you who have already cast your votes for Neifi! for the All-Star team. You can vote 25 times a day; find the link on the post below this one.

Tonight, the Cubs go for their first three-game winning streak of the year. There's yet been no official word on the roster replacement for Chad Fox, but my guess would be that Todd Wellemeyer will be recalled.

Last time the Cubs saw Eric Milton, he nearly threw a no-hitter at them, last year in Philadelphia. He's given up as many homers as last night's starter, Paul Wilson.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
E. Milton
vs. Player Photo
C. Zambrano
2-2 W-L 2-0
4.98 ERA 3.04
12 SO 22
5 BB 9
6 HR 5

GAH! I forgot to say "Discuss amongst yourselves."

But I see you've started anyway... Continue!