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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Astros, Friday 4/29

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You've heard all the hype about this being the first NL matchup of 300-game winners since the long-dead Tim Keefe met the long-dead Jim "Pud" Galvin in 1892. More interesting is the one and only other time these two great pitchers met each other, in interleague play on June 3, 2000, when Clemens was a Yankee and Maddux a Brave. Neither one distinguished himself that day:

             IP    H    R  ER  BB   K
Clemens      5     6    6   4   4   7
Maddux       5.2  13    7   7   3   5
Finally, I thought it would be fun to see, considering how long both these great pitchers have been around, who some of their teammates were during their rookie years.

Clemens, 1984 Red Sox: Bill Buckner, Dennis Eckersley, Oil Can Boyd (missed by only one year of being a teammate of Carl Yastrzemski). Oldest player on the team was 36-year-old Rick Miller.

Maddux, 1986 Cubs: Eckersley, Ron Cey, and two guys who are coaches on this year's Cubs: Gary Matthews and Chris Speier. (Note: Davey Lopes, who was a 1986 Cub, was traded to the Astros on June 12, 1986, before Maddux made his debut.)

Today's Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
G. Maddux
vs. Player Photo
R. Clemens
0-1 W-L 1-0
4.50 ERA 0.32
13 SO 32
3 BB 6
4 HR 1

Enjoy. Discuss amongst yourselves.