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There are over 80 members in the ever-growing Cubs Blog Army.

Generally, we all are pretty supportive of each other, because we all want the same thing -- for the Cubs to win.

In recent weeks, Chuck over at Ivy Chat and I have been having a good-natured (at least I HOPE it's good-natured!) little back-and-forth about the injury status of Mark Prior.

I called him "Darth Ivy Chat". He called me a "faith healer". I did kind of like this picture Chuck posted.

Today, he pointed out, correctly, that Mark Prior was placed on the disabled list to start the year, retroactive to March 25, which would make him eligible to come off the DL and pitch April 12 at Wrigley Field, the eighth game of the year and the first time the Cubs would need a "fifth" starter.

See, the point isn't that I didn't believe Prior was going on the DL.

The point is that it doesn't matter.

It's not 2004. Prior doesn't have an Achilles problem. And I'm not basing my statement that Prior will start on April 12 on faith healing, nor listening to sports talk radio. I actually saw Prior pitch yesterday. And everything I saw, with which other writers and the coaching staff seem to agree, is that Prior is just fine to start Thursday for Iowa at Albuquerque, and then the following Tuesday against the Padres.

Tell you what, Chuck. Bet you a drink of your choice that I'm right. To be paid off in the bleachers sometime this year.