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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Saturday 4/9

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Today is the 36th anniversary of the death of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

This has nothing to do with the Cubs or anything else, for that matter, but if you have the chance to tour any of Wright's homes or other buildings, you should. Fascinating and well worth your time.


Today, Carlos Zambrano faces Ben Sheets.

Sheets won his first six lifetime decisions against the Cubs, but was 1-3 against them in 2004, including a 10-hit, six-run pasting last August 23.

Sheets' pitching opponent that day? Z, of course.

Oh, and here is the article in which I was quoted yesterday:

...season-ticket holder Al Yellon had a different take on the [Sammy Sosa] issue.

"Good riddance," Yellon said of Sosa. "Last season, it became all about that one person and we're here for the team."

Celebrating his 29th Opening Day at Wrigley, Yellon has seen plenty of those Sosa sprints, but said that while it will be a little different without Sammy's charges, the fans were happy to welcome Burnitz.

"Anybody in a Cubs uniform will be welcomed by the fans," Yellon said. "We're happy to have him here and can't wait to see what he can bring to this team."

Thanks to Gavin for locating the link for me. And thanks to the reporter for not mentioning my age in the article.

UPDATE [2005-4-9 9:49:13 by Al]: I neglected to mention earlier, when I first posted this, that we have another member of the SportsBLOGS family, FishStripes, about all things Marlin. Welcome, but please don't mention a certain Game Six.

Time for some wins. Discuss amongst yourselves.