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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mets, Tuesday 5/10

Odd little statistical note: the only team in the NL Central that has a winning record against any other division so far (I know, small sample size) is the last-place Reds, who are 4-2 against the NL East.

Apart from that, here's another MUST WIN game.

And, it's not going to rain tonight!

Today's Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
G. Maddux
vs. Player Photo
K. Benson
1-1 W-L 0-0
4.50 ERA 3.86
21 SO 6
7 BB 2
6 HR 0

Oh, one more thing. If you haven't seen this, check out the website of Kris Benson's wife Anna. No further comment necessary.

Discuss amongst yourselves.