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Solve The Mystery!

Mike Kiley's article in today's Sun-Times contains the following tantalizing hint of a roster change to come, maybe even today:

... they will have a new backup infielder, perhaps as soon as today, when they open a two-game series in Pittsburgh. The paperwork has yet to be finalized, but the Cubs expect to make a deal without giving up any players in return.

Who could this be?

There have been rumors earlier this year of Placido Polanco (ugh!) or Alex Cintron, but I can't imagine the Cubs getting either of those players without giving up someone in return.

So who do YOU think this could be? Post your guesses in the comment section.

UPDATE [2005-5-17 10:22:16 by Al]:
Larry over at the Cardinals blog Viva El Birdos says that the Phillies are having a fire sale, starting with the trade of Marlon Byrd to the Nats, and that:

placido polanco's thought bound for the dodgers, and any team can have jimmy rollins, mike lieberthal, or david bell for the asking. not that anybody's doing it . . . . they're saving all that for billy wagner, who will soon become the best relief pitcher in recent memory to hit the midseason meat market.
Forgive his e. e. cummingslike non-use of capitals, and think about it: If the Cubs could get Jimmy Rollins, why not? There's a decent starting SS who could lead off, and like Chuck at Ivy Chat, he thinks Wagner is available.

I say, let's beat the Cardinals to him.