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A Little Pre-Game Amusement

First, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the posted starting lineup does NOT include Enrique Wilson. Instead, it is an almost-logical lineup:

Hairston, 2b
Perez, ss
Lee, 1b
Burnitz, rf
Ramirez, 3b
Patterson, cf
Dubois, lf
Barrett, c
Prior, p

This is one I'd like to see more often (at least till Walker comes back; then HE should lead off).

I happened to be driving by the ballpark today, and they have set up the scoreboard for the first interleague games on Friday. Does anything here look sort of odd to you?

Yes, that's right, Los Angeles is at Los Angeles. I had to look this up: the game is at Dodger Stadium. This despite the fact that the Cubs do have scoreboard panels that read "NEW YORK" as well as the ones seen here, "NY (NL)" and "NY (AL)". How hard would it have been to make the same ones for LA?

This also really points out the oddity of the Angels' new name -- and now the California legislature is getting involved.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Go Cubs!

(as always, click on photo to view full-size in new browser window; if you are using IE, you may have to click the lower-right corner of the image to expand it to its full size; in Firefox click anywhere on the image. Photo by Al)