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Neifi! For President!

Of course, that's silly -- first of all, he's not old enough (32), and second of all, he's not a US citizen, so he's not eligible.

But if we can't elect Neifi! president of the US, we can elect him to the National League All-Star team.

I'm joining in partnership with The Cub Reporter in an all-out push to get Neifi! named the starting shortstop for the NL this year.

And no, that's not a misplaced ! -- it just feels right.

First of all, with the possible exception of Colorado's Cliff Barmes, Neifi! has better numbers than any other NL SS to date. And with Nomar on the shelf, who has more star power? David Eckstein? Omar Vizquel? Jack Wilson? Rich Aurilia?

Get serious.

And then get serious about voting. You can vote here up to 25 times a day.

As mentioned on TCR, make sure that you spell his name right, put the right team in the drop-down box, and put him at SS, not 2B. You'll have to supply a valid e-mail address, and make sure you uncheck the commercial e-mail checkbox each time to avoid getting spammed.

Or, if you'd like a valid e-mail address that's totally disposable, try here.

Once you put Neifi!'s name in once, it'll be remembered each time, for convenience, as will the rest of your selections each day. Voting for other Cubs, of course, particularly Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez, is highly encouraged.

The only player who's ever been elected to an All-Star team as a write-in was someone all Cub fans love to hate, Steve Garvey, in 1974. Garvey not only was elected, he wound up the game's MVP.

We can only dream of that for Neifi!

Now go out and vote in grand Chicago tradition, early and often!