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To Absolutely No One's Surprise...

Kerry Wood will be out at least three weeks.

Well gee, how many games has this cost the Cubs so far?

Yeah, he looked great in that last-week-of-spring-training start. But maybe 92 pitches wasn't such a hot idea that day after all.

"At least" three weeks probably means two months.

Glendon Rusch did a good job last year filling in, and I'd expect the same from him now.

Figure on Jon Leicester returning from Iowa, although, as I've said, the Cubs really need another bat on the bench more than a twelfth pitcher -- if it's Leicester, he'll likely sit around for a week and then Dusty Baker will be surprised when he puts him in a critical situation and he gets lit up.

One day at a time. It'll be Z against Chris Capuano tomorrow. Yay! Capuano's lefthanded! That means Jason Dubois will start.

Miller Park seems well suited for Dubois' type of power.

Finally, Derrek Lee took home two awards today -- Player of the Week for April 25-May 1, and Player of the Month for April.

Someone go to Derrek's house and change all the calendars to read "APRIL" until the end of the season, please.