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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Astros, Tuesday 5/24

There are trade rumors swirling now involving the Cubs and Phillies and maybe the Mets -- many potential players involved.

I'd cool on this till the end of this homestand, by which time the Cubs might be over .500.

Today, the Cubs face yet another pitcher making his major league deb ... oh? No?

Right. Just some guy who's made 648 major league starts. This time our guy is making a debut -- his 2005 major league debut, after 15 appearances and 11 starts with a 6.86 ERA last year (and one start in 2003).

Today's Starting Pitchers
Sergio Mitre
S. Mitre
vs. Roger Clemens
R. Clemens
--- W-L 3-2
--- ERA 1.29
-- SO 63
-- BB 18
- HR 2

Discuss amongst yourselves.