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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Rockies, Saturday 5/28

In a comment to yesterday's game post, Shawn Goldman suggests that the Cubs recall Raul Valdez, the Cuban defector signed out of the Dominican Republic last winter, to replace Mark Prior.

That presumes, and I think at this point we can presume, that Prior is headed to the DL with the 'slight' elbow fracture reported by ESPN last night.

Why not? The Iowa roster doesn't really include any hot prospects, the guys at West Tenn aren't ready, and Valdez is one of those pitchers, without much of a track record here in the USA, who just might succeed at the major league level.

In the meantime, the Rockies trot out yet another walk machine with a stratospheric ERA.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Glendon Rusch
G. Rusch
vs. Byung-Hyun Kim
B. Kim
3-1 W-L 0-3
2.54 ERA 6.75
29 SO 21
20 BB 23
1 HR 2

Discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE [2005-5-28 9:11:02 by Al]: Today's Tribune says Prior will be out two months. This is attributed to the usual "sources". Me, I prefer to wait for the official word, though it's likely to be something along these lines.