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So I flip on ESPN last night just after 9, thinking Baseball Tonight would be on. Instead, I see the Reds and Cardinals and it's 9-3 Reds in the top of the 9th.

Great! Cut 1/2 game off the Cardinals' lead.

Um, nope. Instead, St. Louis scores seven runs in the ninth, including Jim Edmonds' three-run homer on a "hawkins" -- a two-out, 0-2 pitch up in the zone -- and the Cardinals won 10-9, the sort of win that can propel teams on to postseason play, yes, even this early in the year.

Over at the Red Reporter, JD, as you can imagine, was beside himself, but read on -- he couldn't resist taking some swipes at Red Sox, Cub and even Yankee fans on the way.

Then, I learned this morning that due to Bulls playoff coverage, Wednesday's Cub/Brewer telecast has been bumped to Comcast SportsNet Plus 2. Only one problem with this:

CSN Plus 2 doesn't currently exist, so officials at CSN have been working with cable and satellite providers to clear channel space for the game. DirecTV and the DISH network are already on board, as is Comcast Cable, which has placed the Cubs game on the Total Living Network. (Consult your local channel guide.)

I've saved you the trouble of consulting your local channel guide, if you have Comcast Cable, at least. It'll be on channel 67. This is tomorrow's game; tonight is on the primary CSN channel.

Meanwhile, Kerry Wood's downtime is now estimated at five to six weeks, rather than the three mentioned yesterday, which likely means two months.

That Adam Dunn deal I proposed sounds pretty good now, doesn't it?

The article linked above further says:

The Cubs have re-evaluated their plan to use starter Ryan Dempster as a replacement for LaTroy Hawkins at closer. Glendon Rusch will take Wood's spot in the rotation for now, and after Saturday the Cubs won't need a fifth starter until May 24 because they have three off days.

So which is it? If Rusch takes Wood's spot, and there are four starters, that still leaves Dempster as a possible closer, doesn't it?

I'm confused.

Bet Jim Hendry and Dusty Baker are too.

Finally, today please welcome two more new members of the growing SportsBLOGS family (sheesh, the baby gifts are gonna start getting expensive!) -- Crawfish Boxes, about the Astros and written by a fellow SABR member, Joshua Raisen; and Beyond The Box Score, for those of you who are more stat-oriented. PECOTAs and VORPs galore!