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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Tuesday 5/3

Last year, the ten Cubs/Brewers games at Miller Park were all sellouts -- I figured out back then that Cub fans added 167,140 to Brewer attendance figures, since the Brewers averaged 25,462 per date and the Cub games drew 421,759 -- 42,176 per date. Last year's average Brewer ticket price was $16.86, so Cub fans put an extra $2.82 million into Brewer pockets in 2004.

Last year Ben Sheets made $2.45 million, so figure you guys paid his salary.

That may not be the case tonight -- checking the Brewers ticketing site, "good seats are still available".

Let this be the beginning of a nice long winning streak. We could use one.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
C. Zambrano
vs. Player Photo
C. Capuano
2-0 W-L 1-2
4.31 ERA 4.76
27 SO 21
12 BB 14
6 HR 4

Discuss amongst yourselves.