Another POV from Chavez Ravine

Thoughts and Observations from a fun night at the ballpark

Rolled into Dodger Stadium about an hour before game time. Get to the gate with my small backpack and it is about two inches two big, despite the fact it was not full and could easily fit in their sample square. I beg, appeal, but the security guard won't let me in. All, right, I gave it a shot and don't want to be "that guy" who bitches at a secruity guard for doing his job. Gotta hike back to the car to put it back.

For those of you who have not been to Dodger Stadium, it is in fact built in a Ravine. There is acres of parking around it, but it is poorly laid out. Lots of dodging cars, crossing "streets". (for a visual, check this out.,+Los+Angeles,+CA . Click on the satellite link.

Anyway, very cool flyover by an F-16 prior to the start of the game, with the pilot throwing on the afterburners as he flew over the stadium.

Sitting along the right field line, towards the foul pole, I was looking away when Hairston launched his shot, though I was able to see Rickey Ledee forelornly run to the wall to watch it sail into the crowd.

Maddux pitched well the first time through the lineup, but got a little roughed up in the fourth. The two run double by Saenz was interesting as Patterson went up for the ball, then came down and it wasn't immediately clear whether he had it or not. Then, as he got up, the ball somehow kicked out behind him. I am still not sure if he had it and lost it, or never had it at all.

What was interesting was Burnitz's reaction. When Patterson jumped but didn't come down with it, Burnitz kind of put up his hands in a "what is he doing" sort of response.

More Corey... later, in the bottom of the seventh, after warming up, Patterson chucked the ball towards the Cubs bullpen, where Ryan Dempster was warming up Burnitz. Burnitz yelled at Dempster that the ball was coming and it nearly hit him, though if it had, it probably wouldn't have hurt much. Anyway, both Dempster and Burnitz glared in the general direction of Patterson.

Lee had another solid defensive game. His diving stop early on was really impressive. Maddux may have cost himself the Gold Glove with a poor toss to first that not even Lee could handle cleanly. Maddux also momentarily resembled Charlie Brown after that line drive up the middle, as he ended up sitting on the mound, looking out to center field.

Wellemyer was literally one pitch away from blowing this game. He walked a pair of guys on eight pitches, then managed to get a double play. But for a few moments, it was as if the spirit of Latroy was with us.

The Dodgers fans were a bit pissy tonight, and when it became clear that they weren't going to win, they started booing the Cubs fans.

Some genius decided to run onto the field. It was amusing as he sprinted toward center, pursued by about a dozen security guys. He planted a Dodger flag out in center, tried to juke the onrushing security guard and lost his footing and moments later found himself hogtied and going out through the center field gate. The idiot Dodger fans gave him a standing ovation. These are the same idiots who boo when people don't continue the wave and cheer for beach balls.

Lots of Cubs fans chanting "let's go Cubbies" as we walked out of the building. A quick trip to Tommy's for chili cheese burgers after the game, then the drive back to Redlands made for a great evening.

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