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He's Right, You Know

Chuck over at Ivy Chat and I have had friendly disagreements over various things Cub over the last year or two.

I've followed his comments on Corey Patterson closely, and today, after Corey's blowup, he had this to say (note, his spelling "Korey" is to denote Mr. Patterson's propensity for strikeouts):

He is as selfish as they come. It's always been assumed that Korey makes statements like, "I'm a number 3 hitter," because he wants a contract that's commensurate with a number three hitter. Now, it's clear that it's more than just dollars that drive Korey. It's ego.

For this little boy to throw his helmet and face suspension on a play that he admits "could go either way" is the height of arrogance.

He's right, you know.

I've had discussions with Dave, who as you know is a minor league team owner, about Patterson, and Dave has told me many times that it's also "#1 draft pick syndrome" -- i.e. Corey thinks "I was a #1 draft pick and so I don't have to work hard to get to be a better baseball player."

A couple of years ago, Patterson appeared in Chicago magazine posing shirtless as, supposedly, one of the city's "most eligible bachelors". In the article, he said his favorite sport was football.

That's becoming more and more obvious. Frankly, if he could be traded, and he does have trade value, I'd do it.

This is a harsh judgment, I know, but maybe it's time to get some team players out there.