Can any other team but the Cubs find more inventive ways to lose games!?!?!?

I'm watching the Phillies broadcast and LaTroy Hawkins won the "WB Mason Deivery of the Game"  LOL.  (WB Mason is an office supply company in the Northeast)  

The Phillies announcers at the top of the 9th were saying that Hawkins has the look of someone who has no confidence, nervous, anxious and is just waiting for something bad to happen.  If they notice this,  and this is the first time they have seen the Cubs this season, then what are Dusty Baker and Jim Hendry seeing?!?!?!?!

Thank you, Jim Hendry for failing to address the bullpen this off-season!  

Hold it!!! Phillies post-game live just awarded the Mobil Game Changing play to LaTroy Hawkins!!  Hope LaTroy collects all his awards!  

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