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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Phillies, Friday 5/6

After eighteen straight games against the NL Central (in which the Cubs went a mediocre 8-10), the next forty games are all outside the division (except two at Pittsburgh and three home games against Houston later this month).

There are rumors being floated that the Cubs are interested in acquiring the Yankees' Felix Rodriguez, who several years ago was a terrific setup man for the Giants. Peter Gammons on Baseball Tonight said the Yankees are interested in Todd Hollandsworth, though he went on to say "that won't happen", which probably means it still could.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
M. Prior
vs. Player Photo
C. Lidle
3-1 W-L 2-2
3.75 ERA 4.88
29 SO 13
8 BB 5
3 HR 1

Discuss amongst yourselves.